What Would Dynamos Do? Workbook + Flashcards (Download)


What Would Dynamos Do? – Workbook + Flashcards Digital Download

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What would you do if you caught your best friend in a lie? What would do if your friends were pressuring you to break the law in the name of “fun”? What would you do if you knew a teacher was teaching you something that wasn’t factual?

This workbook is all about teaching kids how to deal with sticky problems by using their character strengths. How? Enter the Dynamos!

Dynamos are tiny and powerful beings from the planet Dynamis. Each Dynamo comes into the universe possessing a unique Dynamic or character strength as well as a Supertool to amplify their strength. Children will enjoy learning about character strengths by getting to know the Dynamos and their Supertools.

Kids can read each story in this workbook and then decide which Dynamo (representing a character strength) could be used to effectively solve the problem presented. This workbook is ideal if you’re teaching character education at school or at home.

What’s inside? Check out samples:

Here’s the awesome sauce included in your download!

  • An introduction to the Dynamos
  • A description of each Dynamic (character strength)
  • 10 Thought-provoking stories about tweens in conflict
  • 48 Dynamo flashcards
  • 5 Character Strength Building Games
  • Over 75 pages of pure educational fun
  • The research supporting all of it (for those interested) 🙂


Please purchase one workbook for each family or each classroom. Dynamo Honestatis asks kindly that you do not share your copy with anyone outside these guidelines. 🙂 If you have questions about usage, send us an email at go@gozen.com.

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