Six FREE Anxiety Relief Printables for Kids

First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you so much for being a part of this special community. Five years ago today, we launched our first animated program! It’s been a wonderful journey, and I can’t wait to continue to connect with and reach as many of you as possible.

As a thank you, and a token of our appreciation, I wanted to make your life a little easier. Over the past five years, we’ve produced some free resources to help with relieving childhood anxiety. We’ve put them all together in one spot here, so if you missed something, or want to look at it again, now you can!

Yes, send me the six FREE tools!

Here’s a preview of what’s included!

40 Affirmations to Bust Test Anxiety Flashcards

  • Name and locate anxious feelings
  • Relate anxious feelings to excited feelings
  • Make a statement about how your body is getting you ready to rise to the challenge
I’ve Got the Feels Flashcards

  • Expand emotions vocabulary
  • Identify emotional triggers
  • Become more aware of day-to-day emotional experience
50 Visual Calm-Down Flashcards

Use these visual reminders of some things you and your child can to do relieve anxiety and tension. Pick a card, and then get to it 🙂

Understand your Child’s Anxiety Infographic Poster

Understand anxiety according to science 🙂 Use this infographic anywhere in your house or school to normalize the anxiety response; anxiety is part of what it means to be human!

Eight 60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools Infographic Poster

Hang it on your fridge or in the classroom; this will serve as a great reminder for some quick tips and tricks to squash anxiety for kids of any age.

72 Calming Phrases

Unique phrases to validate, empathize with, and show compassion for an anxious child. Use these to connect with your anxious child, and allow them to feel heard.

11 thoughts on “Six FREE Anxiety Relief Printables for Kids

  1. Thank you for the many things you offer free. I am a school counselor for elementary school children and I use these free materials offten

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful free tools!! I use them often in my counselling practice, and pass them along to many parents, who are also grateful for the practical resources. Thank you thank you!!

  3. Thanks so much for these very useful resources. Being a working mum and having to deal with my kids at home who do tend to be quiet anxious at times, finding things such as these at such easy reach are a breath of fresh air.

  4. Дякую за корисні цікаві та безкоштовні інструменти для роботи з дітьми

    Thank you for the interesting and useful free tools for work with children

  5. Thank you for the free resources. I can use them with my middle school students and my grandchildren!
    I love them. This is an excellent resource.

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