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49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

It happens to every child in one form or another – anxiety. As parents, we would like to shield our children from life’s anxious moments, but navigating anxiety is an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come. In the heat of the moment, try these simple phrases to help your children… Read more!

Eight 60-Second Tools

Eight 60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids (Infographic)

Keep this list handy in case you’re in need of a quick stress fix. These tools can be used in one minute or less to help bring down levels of stress and anxiety. Used repeatedly, these coping skills become habit. Download the poster below: Download the FREE printable version of this infographic! Yes, send me… Read more!


50 Calm-Down Ideas to Try with Kids of All Ages

Navigating childhood challenges can be stressful, and sometimes deep breathing isn’t the solution that works for your child. When your child is in need of tension relief, try one of these techniques: Try an inversion. For centuries, Yogis have understood the calming power of bringing the head below the level of the heart, otherwise known… Read more!


A Better Way to Teach Kids About Emotions

How many emotions can you name? According to researcher, Brené Brown, the average adult can only name three emotions: happiness, sadness, and anger. A recent study indicates there are actually only four basic emotions to begin with: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. From this vantage, we’re getting it 75% right! However, in our experience of teaching emotional intelligence skills to children, it’s clear that the… Read more!

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11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child

11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child

There are several myths about kids who are introverts: They are nervous They don’t like other people They don’t want to be social They are basically shy people If you’re an introvert, you are not anti-social, you just react to your environment differently than some kids. You are certainly not shy; in reality, there is a notable difference between… Read more!

37 Techniques to Calm an Anxious Child - GoZen - Embrace the Worry

37 Techniques to Calm an Anxious Child

Imagine, you are driving in the car. You look in the rearview mirror and see your child trying to shrink into her seat. “What’s wrong?” you ask. “I don’t want to go to the birthday party.” “But you’ve been excited all week. There will be cake and games and a bounce house. You love all… Read more!

Got Anger?

Got Anger? Pano to the Rescue

Norma leaves her homework assignment at home. Fortunately, Pano, a powerful Dynamo comes to her aid. Techniques demonstrated in this video: Mindfulness: Norma becomes an outside observer to her thoughts and emotions Self-compassion: Norma speaks to herself with kindness and understanding Strength-based problem solving: Norma calls on her character strength of perspective to help resolve… Read more!

Benefits of Child Anxiety

11 Superpowers of Anxious Children

Let’s not sugarcoat it: Life can be hard for anxious kids. Even simple, everyday tasks can seem big and scary when they come with sweaty palms, a pounding heart, and the feeling that something — anything, maybe even everything — is about to go horribly wrong. Anxious kids may feel like it’s their job to stop… Read more!


8 Ways to Help Your Kids Stress Better

Imagine this: You’re a ninth-grade math teacher. You sit at your desk a few days before the school year begins, staring at the blank screen on your laptop — you’re nervous. You wanted to use this time to polish a humorous story on Albert Einstein for your new Algebra I students. Instead, you’re writing a… Read more!

Loving Kindness Meditation for Kids

Loving-Kindness Can Kick Anxiety to the Curb!

What is it? Loving-kindness is a meditation focused on nurturing compassion, kindness, goodwill, and love for oneself and others. While the loving-kindness meditation or LKM originates in Buddhist traditions, it’s now practiced widely across cultures and is the focus of extensive research by social scientists. Why is it good? LKM has the remarkable ability to improve well-being by… Read more!

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Train of Thoughts

A Mindful Minute: How to Observe a Train of Anxious Thoughts (Illustrated)

Kids have anxious thoughts all the time… “I’m going to fail math and never get into college.” “I’m totally screwing up this speech right now, and everyone knows it.” “What if I don’t get asked to the dance? I’ll be humiliated for life.” Research shows us that anxious thoughts are often blown out of proportion,… Read more!

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