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Anxiety Relief for Kids!

Is your child suffering from anxiety? Mild worry is a normal part of growing up, but no child should suffer from the type of excessive fear or anxiety which disrupts life. At GoZen, simply by watching animations, your child will learn techniques to understand and conquer their anxiety. Check out 2 FREE program animations right now:
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Relieving Anxiety with GoZen! is as easy as 1-2-3!

Press Play to Meet Nelly!

Press Play to Meet Tomas!

Step 1: Watch Animations

With the click of a mouse, kids begin the GoZen! animated journey including characters like Nelly, Tomas, Til and Widdle. There are six modules with over 35 animations followed by key learning points and discussion questions. Anxiety relief skills are explained using simple language and real-life examples to reinforce each of the lessons. The best part is children are excited to learn with engaging and humorous animations!

Step 2: Learn Concepts

After watching the animations, GoZen! kids go over key learning points as well as discussion questions from each video. The questions are where rich conversation and change often begin to manifest. Kids relate to the characters and scenarios in the videos and truly learn how they can apply easy-to-use anxiety relief tools to help overcome constant “what if” thoughts, social anxiety, separation anxiety, general worry, distorting reality and much more.
Anxious Kid Watching Animation Program - GoZen!
Social Skill Building Worksheets for Children - GoZen!

Step 3: Practice Skills

Next, it’s time to practice new coping skills in the GoZen! interactive training ground. This training which includes playing games and solving scenarios brings home techniques from the animations into practical, everyday situations your kids face at home, school, and social life. New habit development becomes easy as the way the information is memorable and children develop the confidence they can practice these skills just like the characters on the screen. And you will see it happen!

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Kids, Parents and Professionals Love GoZen!

  • Dr, Shefali & Oprah

    See what New York Times bestselling author and Oprah’s go-to parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, has to say:

    “If you or your child gets entangled in anxiety and need help, check out GoZen! Kids engage with animations and games to learn tried and true anxiety relief skills – I personally think this works wonders for parents. What an amazing, innovative, creative resource!!!”

    Dr. Shefali, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

  • Dawn Huebner

    Internationally renowned Child Psychologist and bestselling author, Dawn Heubner, LOVES GoZen!:

    “Wow, GoZen! This is a bite-size, kid-friendly, clinically accurate worry-fighting program where skills are clearly explained and amply reinforced. If you buy one product this year to help your anxious child, make it GoZen! Really. It’s that good.”

    Dawn Huebner, PhD., Clinical Psychologist

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